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Monday, April 5, 2010




Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gerald's BIG 21st


Dear Family and Friends,
Gerald is turning 21 soon!!!! so by now, you shld have received my invitation sms for my 21st Birthday Party! I'm BOOKING YOU EARLY cos i WANT YOU TO BE THERE!!! Below are the many many details for my BIG DAY!
1) Date and Time: 17th OCT 2009, Saturday. 6.45pm - 1030pm! Please DO NOT BE LATE okay?? cos we'll be playing games! n oso becos i only booked the venue till 1030pm.. so please...

2) Venue: With A Pinch Of Salt

@ 297 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437080

The cafe is one of those shophouses... SUPER EASY to spot!

It is opposite "Pongol Nasi Lemak", directly opposite "Katong Karaoke", behind Tanjong Katong Girls School.

To get to the cafe, you can travel by following:~

Bus : 10, 31, 32, 40, 43, 76, 135, 197

MRT : Alight at Paya Lebar MRT n take a bus from above. Alight after fourth(4) bus stops n walk down about 10 shop houses to the cafe.

Car : from PIE turn out from Paya Lebar exit lead to Lion City Hotel, straight down to Tanjong Katong Road.

from ECP, turn in to "Tanjong Katong" exit, all the way straight, look out on your right, after the overhead bridge, you will be able to see the cafe's signboard (in blue and white)

There is a carpark directly behind the cafe and the entrance to the carpark is before the cafe, right after caltex! ...


3) Theme n Dresscode: THE ACT CUTE PARTY

I set this theme simply becos the CAFE is SUPER CUTE! You'll understand when u turn up that day!

To fit well into the cafe's environment, EVERYONE need to dress as cute as possible! (except my ah ma... haha n me!)

For example: Boys and Girls can come in pony tails, hello kitty hairband, mickey mouse shirts, blah blah blah.. JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE CUTE! But u dun come giving me crap like I'm already very cute or whatever nonsense! haha.. Well for friends who doesnt adhere to the dresscode.. hmmm... there'll be forfeits! I MEAN IT yay...

4) Programme:

6.45pm - 10pm: Makan Session

8.15pm: Games

9.30pm: Cut CAKE lor!

10.00pm: Desserts

OKAY cos im inviting MANY MANY people.. i might missed out some friends! so if u r reading this n u didnt receive my sms... im so sorry!! pls dun be shy n drop me a message. i'll get back to u ASAP!

Well... for my WISH LIST! haha... long list! (edited again n again n again)

- backpack that is BIG but not that BIG!

- a nice shoe bag

- fredperry tote (dunno if is the right name for that kinda of bag)

- ONE wallet that is not black!

- a nice belt (not those with BIG BIG buckles pls n i just need ONE)

- nice nice fragrance

- a nice medium size sling bag

HAHA... if u still dunno wad to get for me, GIVE ME CASH! haha! otherwise.. SURPRISE ME! just dun get me tops or bottoms pls... in case it dun fit me! haha..

AND... would appreciate if u tell me wad u guys getting me! haha.. in case clash! i dun wanna end up with 5 belts lor.. haha.. thx!

oh n most importantly... if you haven RSVP yet, PLEASE DO SO NOW!!! cos i realli need to make sure there's enough food for everyone!!!

REALLY hope you will be there to celebrate my BIG DAY with me, although is not my actual day.

n hope u can visit this site occasionally for any updates!!


Friday, June 5, 2009



So many ppl keep bugging me for updates on my blog.. aiya.. before i ord, i was busy...

after i ord, i was lazy!

okay... i will try to update my blog.. whenever there's smth happening okok... haha...

anw, some updates!
After I ord, went Taiwan with qx, ek and edgar.. didnt realli enjoy it cos no shopping!
aiya.. after that i went to teach at New Town Pri again!! as a relief teacher!! MR. Gerald is BACK!!
Gerald is now waiting for uni to start... meanwhile, helping out to jaga family biz, n scolding some stupid worker! another Amos Tay.. haha.. ops..

And I just completed my second marathon!! sundown! with an improved timing, WITHOUT any training due to my knee injury...

Till the next time i blog (dunno mani mths later), see you guys!! =p

Friday, December 19, 2008

MJC 2008 Champion

Ok shall not go into details, jus in case kitty or jx or justin say i hao lian...

haha.. but i jus wanna inform all that,
I am the new champion for the 2nd Mahjong Challenge, organized by jsrs...

ok i must admit maybe 40% of it is luck cos i HU a 5tai zimo in the last 10 sec...

but the other 60% is skills.. haha.. i believe none of u deny right?? haha...

ok.. last sat's party is actally an early xmas party, a JSRS event.. other den staging the MJC 2008 finals, we played lots of games.. had lots of fun!!

Rmb i said i'm gonna bring my frens to the party too??? to make the grp bigger n more fun!! i did!! n i believe they had fun too..
n i proved Xintian n YY wrong!! they say i dun have frens.. haha.. although they asked me how much i paid wilson, cy n linli to go for the party n pretend to be my fren.. ha.. they no manners..!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am a Finisher!!

Yes! tgt with wilson n ernest, i completed my first marathon! although e timing isnt gd, but.. i had fun, n pain.. i m limping now.. my legs hurts!! experience was wonderful!! n determination counts!! yeah!!

ok now, i m looking for kakis for adidas sundown marathon, 42km... nt e ultra one of course.. haha.. registration now opens!

and of course, I am, Finisher of 42.195km, standard chartered singapore marathon.


Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yst went to collect e race pack @ expo.. wow... i still cant imagine i'm gonna run a marathon.. i admit it was a decision i made without thinking much.. n it could be a wrong decision.. but.. aiya.. since the race is tmr.. jus dun think so much n go run run run lah!! but.. haha.. wtf.. 42.195km leh... how to complete.. haha...

e race start @ 0530H..meaning i gonna wake up @ 0245H to eat breakfast n get ready etc etc etc... i realli hope i can complete e run.. haizz... will update u again..

if i complete the run..

if u see no updates... den dun bother to ask k.. haha..